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Freiwillige von 2017/2018

Hello, I’m Jack O’Hare from Liverpool, England. I’m 21 years old and I’m massively involved in local politics back home, and I feel working at Europahaus will give me new experiences and opportunities to take back with me. I love English literature and hope to continue my studies in lit for the rest of my life, gaining a career in teaching, hopefully in Universities! My year in Germany will be the greatest step I’ve ever made in my life, and I look forward to every second as I learn crucial life skills and gain insight into how Europe works. Mostly, I’m excited for the culture, company and food!






Hallo! Ich heiße Reetta und ich komme aus Finland. Ich bin 19 Jahre alt and well, there’s almost everything I can say in German. Last May I graduated from Pielavesi’s  high school, which is in the village I live.  Actually 40 meters away from my home.

In my freetime I like to hang out with friends, listen music and watch Netflix. I’m really interested of new experiences and I know this year will be best way to have them.

First time when I heard about thisEVS project, was when I was first  time here in Europahaus taking part of my first Youth meeting. Back then it didn’t hit me as hard like it hitted last time two years  ago  I was in Europahaus spending my fourth Yuoth meeting here. While finishing my high school I didn’t have any idea what to study or do  after graduation, so I remembered about this opportunity.  With help of my English and German teachers, I applyed for this amazing opportunity and here I am.

So I’ll be here for a year and I’m totally waiting the time here.  I want to make friendships for life, learn German and be qualified worker here in Europahaus. During this year i’m also trying the find who I am and what I want to do in future.